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MeKong Delta

Truely memorable part of Vietnam

The Mekong Delta forms both the far southern region of Vietnam and one of country's two main ricebowls. Dominated by the Mekong River and its many tributaries, the surrounding lands are comprised of low lying rice paddies and the rivers are bordered by dense mangroves and palms. The tributaries of the hectic Mekong River highway provide a comprehensive network of canals and channels acting as on and off ramps to the main throughfare. For the independent traveller, these rivers and tributaries can be the best method to explore the Mekong Delta at a leisurely pace and offer the opportunity to experience the truly unique Mekong River lifestyle.

By embarking on a comprehensive exploration of the Delta, you will have the opportunity to observe and participate in an extra dimension of Vietnamese life and culture. The attractions to this region of Vietnam include the way in which life exists around the comprehensive river system, the heavy Khmer influence from nearby Cambodia and the extensive coastline, boasting some of the nicer beaches in Vietnam.

For those with time on their hands at least a month could be spent exploring this part of Vietnam, yet the vast bulk of tourists and travellers alike spend no more than a handful of days here, generally as a part of a tour organised out of Saigon.
For those unfortunate enough to have a time limit for their stay in Vietnam, we would suggest spending a longer time in one region of the Delta rather than attempting to see every centre in seven to ten days, as transport, especially during the wet season, can be very slow and uncomfortable.

However much you decide to explore, cruising up one of the many river, as the sun sets over the distant coconut trees, is a truly remarkable experience that will stay with you forever.

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