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Situated in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a country of spectacular landscapes, exotic beaches and magnificent mountains. It is a country with both historical and modern architectural splendor. The best mode of Vietnam transportation to experience this enchanting land is to travel by a hired car. International driving licenses are not allowed in Vietnam; therefore, Vietnam car hire gives you the best options for excursions. The hotels and the tourist cafes spread all over the country are experienced in making arrangements according to the need of the tourists.

The expenditure for car rentals in Vietnam depend on the stretch it the vehicle to cover. On an average they usually charge around $40 to $50 for 8hours. day. For example car hire in Vietnam for a trip from Hanoi, Vietnam to Halong for 2 days and 1 night will cost around $95 while Hanoi, Vietnam to Hoa Binh for a day cost around $60. Luxury cars for one day in Hanoi, Vietnam charge around $99. Cost of traveling by car in Vietnam also depends on the number of tourists traveling together.

Tourists can go for a Vietnam car hire for various purposes like the transfer to the airport from the hotel or vice versa, trip to the major attractions in the city, trip to the nearby attractions in the city and also a trip to another destination. Most of these trips have pick up and drop off facilities.

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